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The United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association (USGSA) is an organization of member companies who supply high quality products and services to the gymnastics industry. We are the world’s largest association of Gymnastics Suppliers and Manufacturers. We are here to help guide, develop and lead the industry for a better future for gymnasts, clubs and companies servicing the Gymnastics community. We participate in information gathering that is used to promote and better the sport.

We have a common goal to form a cooperative working relationship with the governing body of the sport of gymnastics along with educational leaders in the industry. Through educational programs, we all work to improve coaching technique, business issues, and the health and safety concerns of all participants in the sport. As such, USGSA is charged as an organization to help the governing body promote attendance at National and Regional educational events and trade shows. It is also the position of the USGSA to listen to industry members and communicate, as well as initiate, new and exciting ideas and possibilities specifically related to the trade show element of educational events.

USGSA does not act as independent companies, but as one collective group in support of a common mission. We operate in the sole interest of the collective association.

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