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New Member Application Form

If you are interested in becoming a member of the USGSA, fill out the form below as completely as possible. You must have a member company sponsor your application. There is a $50 application fee and the annual membership cost is $400.00 due annually by December 31st. To review the benefits of membership click here. Upon receipt of your application, we will review and contact you within 14 business days regarding the status of your application.










*Email Address


*1. USGSA Member (Company name and Contact) has agreed to sponsor my application and is in good standing with USGSA.

*2. Is your company a current Gymnastics Industry Supplier?

2a. If yes, for how many years?

*3. Are you currently a USA Gymnastics Industry Member?

3a. If yes, for how many years?

*4. Number of USA Gymnastics National Congresses you have attended in the past 5 years?

4a. What was your affiliation at the time?

*5. Number of USA Gymnastics Regional Congresses you have attended in the past 5 years?

5a. What was your affiliation at the time?

*6. Please detail any future plans (if any) to attend regional or national congresses.

Note: Your answer to question #8 may have impact on your membership eligibility due to USGSA's organizational charter which is to help USA Gymnastics promote attendance at National and Regional educational events and trade shows.

*7. What are your products and/or services as related to Gymnastics?

*8. How long has your company been servicing the gymnastics community and in what capacity?

*9. Would you like to be a member of USGSA?

*10.What does your company have to ofer USGSA in terms of products and/or services??

*Additional Comments

Note: Upon review, if discussion is necessary you will be notified at the email address included in your application and you will be contacted by USGSA.


*Indicates response required


New Member Testimonials

“The biggest value of our US Gymnastics Supplier’s Association membership and participation is the opportunity to build relationships with leaders in the gymnastics industry.  USGSA affords us the venue to share ideas, celebrate accomplishments and collectively advocate for the advancement of the industry.” -- Meredith Rea, Ross Athletic Supply

“As a long standing coaches membership organization with USA Gymnastics, joining the US Gymnastics Suppliers Association was our next step in partnering with a wonderful networking group of industry supply leaders”  -- Chere Hoffman, US Elite Coaches Association (USECA)

“As a manufacturer in the gymnastics and cheer industry, joining the US Gymnastics Supplier’s Association was done to encourage growth through partnerships in the industry.  Victory is excited to join a network of industry leaders." --Brian Grossman, Victory Athletics