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Dear Gym Club Owner,

We know the backbone of the gymnastics industry in the United States is comprised of small business owners who run gymnastics clubs coast-to-coast. And we know how much you’ve poured your hearts and souls into your businesses. It’s an incredibly challenging time for so many of us across the industry facing the uncertainty brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as we head toward the fall competition season and the school year, we know you’re being pulled in a number of different directions and continue to face challenges. But, just as our athletes demonstrate overcoming adversity each and every day, we can and we will get through it – TOGETHER!

The US Gymnastics Suppliers Association has created a task force the intention of doing what we can to help gym clubs survive this crisis. We’ve seen many gym clubs across the country creatively thinking out-of-the-box to pivot their business and continue to provide valuable services to their community. There are many clubs who are offering their services to families of children who are enrolled in online learning. These clubs are offering "education facilitation", access to technology, scheduled physical activities, and much more. One of our task force’s first initiatives was to develop a free, downloadable toolkit that would give clubs a head start on launching programs similar to what we’ve just described. The toolkit will include the following information and each document can be downloaded and customized by the gym club with their specific information.

As an industry, we can unite, work together, share best practices, and work together towards solutions to prevent further setbacks.